What is the recommended cake size, flavours and weight?
All our cake size and weight will be based on serving size you need. Do note that certain cake weight will also depend on the final finished design. We have prepared a chart on every product item which will further assist your needs.

Do you accept bank transfer, GIRO or overseas transfers?
Bank transfers, ATM and foreign telegraphic transfers (see below for account details) are accepted. Email us a copy of the proof of transaction and we will issue a confirmation email/receipt when the transfer is complete. Transactions can also be done through Paypal and Ipay88 for your convenience.

Maybank : 5647 2667 8691 ( The Buttercake Factory Sdn Bhd )

How much does a customized cake, cupcakes or desserts cost?
Custom cakes start at RM180 up to RM1000+ depending on the size and design details. Customized cupcakes start at RM12 up to RM15 per piece, minimum order of 6 pieces. Price increases with complexity of design. We also custom cookies and various other desserts such as cake pops, chocolates and tarts. All prices are shown in products.

Do you do deliveries?
We provide deliveries in Kuala Lumpur and also Klang Valley with additional charges. Refer to the table upon checkout to see if your area falls under the delivery coverage and the charges.

We would like a cake flavour that you do not have available. Can you personalize my order?
Yes, definitely. If it can be done, we’ll be happy to change it up a little for you. We’re open to your ideas and requests.

I have allergies.
Do let us know in advance if you and your guests may have allergies to certain types of food or ingredient. We do not currently have a gluten-free or vegetarian/vegan line of cakes, but feel free to voice your requests and we will try to have something specially made for you.

Do you use Halal ingredients?
Our cakes, frostings and fondant (from Bakels) make use of Halal ingredients. The gelatin we use is purchased from Malaysian bakery suppliers that is certified Halal. However we do offer seasonal cakes with liqour like brandy and rum. These are made specially during festive seasons and are labelled accordingly.